Bog paperback Love Alters af Emma Donoghue

Love Alters

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 11/2016
ISBN: 393049332323
Sider: 228
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Bog paperback Love Alters af Emma Donoghue

Forlagets beskrivelse

Twenty-nine stories from writers both new and established edited by the bestselling author of Room!  

Love Alters is an exciting anthology featuring both internationally renowned authors as well as newer authors from all across the English-speaking world. Countries represented here include England Ireland Scotland Wales South Africa America Canada Jamaica Trinidad Australia and New Zealand.  Compiled not because the authors identify as lesbian (or agree with labels at all) each of these stories deals with themes of love lust loss or a combination of the three by women writers of all persuasions. The result is a wild exciting and fresh anthology that was honored as a Lambda Literary Award finalist upon first publication in 1999.

With its focus on new writing as well as established writers the authors featured here include:   Dorothy Allison Patricia Dunker Tanith Lee Jennifer Levin Anna Livia Ingrid Macdonald Sara Maitland Shani Mootoo Ali Smith Elizabeth Taylor Shay Youngblood and many others.

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