Light Warrior af Kyle Gray

Light Warrior

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 1/2016
ISBN: 4394857339010
Sider: 242
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Light Warrior af Kyle Gray

Forlagets beskrivelse

Light Worker is anyone who has heard an internal call to make a difference. A Light Warrior is the soul who acts upon that call. Light Warrioris a manual for those who have seen the signs and are ready to take action. It is for those who are aware of their spiritual gifts and want to take their practice further…yet may be feeling sensitive powerless and fearful of the unknown. This book aims to help genuinely gifted people overcome the fears that stop them from fulfilling their heart’s desire and developing their talents. Gifted angel expert Kyle Gray shares insights and practices that will help the reader to identify their fears and overcome them. The book includes tools for spiritual and psychic protection specifically aimed at sensitive Warriors allowing them to feel safe enough to step into their power. Kyle will also teach you how to create a spiritual ceremony ways to release blocks and yoga techniques that encourage confidence and inner strength. Within the book you’ll find personal accounts and experiences of Kyle and his clients and the ways they have been able to overcome the challenges in their lives. This book is for the spiritual seekers who are willing to know themselves and ready toignite the Light Warrior within.

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