Facing Up af Bear Grylls

Facing Up

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 1/2016
ISBN: 0900545918294
Sider: 232
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Facing Up af Bear Grylls

Forlagets beskrivelse

At the age of twenty-three Bear Grylls became one of the youngest Britons to reach the summit of Mount Everest. At extreme altitude youth holds no advantage over experience and it is generally acknowledged that younger climbers have more difficulty coping with the adverse effects of mountaineering. Nevertheless only two years after breaking his back in a freefall parachuting accident Bear Grylls overcame severe weather conditions fatigue dehydration and a last-minute illness to stand on top of the world’s highest mountain. Facing Up is the story of his adventure his courage and humour his friendship and faith. ‘No one could fail to be gripped by his heartfelt excitement and emotion over what was the adventure of a lifetime’ Independent ‘Bear’s tale is by turns hilarious and horrific’ Daily Telegraph ‘Written with refreshing humility this is a briskly told account not of conquering Everest but of realizing its power’ Daily Mail ‘A remarkable tale’ Daily Express

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