Whiskypedia af Charles MacLean


Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 12/2015
ISBN: 4394857339010
Sider: 202
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Whiskypedia af Charles MacLean

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whisky’s finest guru’ – The Sunday Times ‘Charles MacLean writes like no other expert on the subject. His prose is informed and highly entertaining’ – The Independent This abridged digital edition of Charles MacLean’s best-selling Whiskypedia: A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky serves as an easy introduction to Scotch whisky which offers a quick guide to the flavour and character of every malt whisky distilled in Scotland with reference to how it is made. Each entry includes a short biography of each brand its style mature character a couple of suggestions of other whiskies with a broadly similar flavour profile the raw materials that go into the production of each brand a note on the kinds of casks used and a list of current and recent bottlings released by the distillery. Also included are an ingenious Flavour Map and Flavour Wheel. This is a wholly new approach to understanding and enjoying Scotch malt whisky by the foremost authority on the subject.



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