Manolo Matrix af Julie Kenner

Manolo Matrix

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 7/2015
ISBN: 11234539009453
Sider: 207
Dimensioner: 2.6 mb
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Manolo Matrix af Julie Kenner

Forlagets beskrivelse

USA Today bestselling author of The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner reloads for her second novel of high-heeled thrills as another woman gets pulled into a mysterious world of extreme gaming where she must play or die. Aspiring actress Jennifer Crane knows all about games — the games girls play to get a guy; the games actresses play to land a part; and the good old game of credit-card roulette. (How else is a girl supposed to afford her shoes?) But she never expected to be playing a game with life-or-death consequences. Unable to successfully score an acting gig she has instead been cast in the role of reluctant bodyguard to a real-life assassin’s target — a dashing FBI agent of all people! — and must embark with him upon a scavenger hunt across Manhattan in search of the ultimate prize: survival. Before this Jenn’s definition of fighting dirty has been elbowing her way to the front of the line at a Manolo sample sale. Now if she wants to stay alive she’s going to have to learn a few new uses for her stilettos. . . and they ain’t pretty. Fast flirty and full of great footwear The Manolo Matrix is another electrifying adventure in this breakout series for fashionistas who love a perfectly appointed mystery.

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