Woodsman af Ben Law


Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 9/2016
ISBN: 4394857339010
Sider: 232
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Woodsman af Ben Law

Forlagets beskrivelse

Ben Law has lived as a woodsman in Prickly Nut Wood for over 20 years. His authentic incredible sense of the land and the wildlife and his respect for age old traditions and how to sustain them offers a wonderful inviting insight into the life and character of Prickly Nut Wood.Having travelled to Papua New Guinea and the Amazon observing age-old techniques for living in working in and preserving forests and woodland Ben Law felt compelled to return home and apply his learnings to a 400 year old plot of woodland near where he grew up – Prickly Nut Wood.This is the story of how he came to know and love his woodland how he lived off the land how he coppiced and hedged and created charcoal how he puddled and built shelter and finally how he carved out his famous characterful woodland home that Kevin McCloud has cited as his favourite ever Grand Design.And it’s the story of the wood itself – how it lives and breathes and affects all those who encounter it and how it’s developed over the twenty incredible years Ben has shared in its lifespan.It’s an incredibly transporting tale that will make you long to hear the dawn chorus and appreciate the beauty of Britain’s språk:s of woodland.



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