On Bowie af Simon Critchley

On Bowie

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 1/2017
ISBN: 8483938883833
Sider: 235
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On Bowie af Simon Critchley

Forlagets beskrivelse

What made Bowie special? What made him the cultural icon he is today? And what made millions of people around the world tune into his peculiar wavelength and find exactly what they’d been looking for all along?These are the questions asked by Simon Critchley in this keen-eyed moving and textured tribute to Bowie. Each of the two dozen deceptively short chapters looks at Bowie from a new angle slowly unfolding the enigma that was his artistic life into a celebration of what made him unique. From the author’s earliest childhood exposure to the bizarre musical and sexual contours of Ziggy Stardust right through to the supernova glow of Blackstar and covering everything in between Critchley traces the development of Bowie’s music and lyrics to tell the story of how he tapped into zeitgeist – and into our hearts. Growing up in working-class suburban England the young Critchley was instantly drawn to this creature from another planet ‘so sexual so knowing so strange’. Now a celebrated philosopher who Jonathan Lethem has called ‘a figure of quite startling brilliance’ Critchley draws on a plethora of cultural and philosophical touchpoints as well as his own intensely personal response to the music to paint an essential portrait of Bowie as songwriter poet performer and icon.

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