Bog hæftet Village Life af Alex Ferguson

Village Life

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 2/2017
ISBN: 4859384012845
Sider: 215
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Bog hæftet Village Life af Alex Ferguson

Forlagets beskrivelse

Charlie Henderson schoolgirl of thirteen summers lives in London and attends a failing Academy. Her younger brother Ralph is a spoilt brat. Her parents quarrel constantly. Michael a solicitor hates his work and brings that unhappiness home. Eileen her mother is trapped in their damp cramped house. The only sunshine in Charlie’s life is her friendship with Sarah Shaw. One disastrous day that friendship is broken forever. Then a miracle changes everything. Michael is offered a job with a prestigious firm in Leicester and they move to The Crooked Cottage in Fenton Parva a charming village. The villagers and schoolmates are welcoming and Charlie is happier than she ever thought to be. Her mother loves the cottage and village life. Her father is happy in his new position. Ralph is as irritating as ever. Life for the Hendersons is transformed. But in the paradise of Fenton Parva there begins a series of events that leads Charlie to a terrifying revelation.

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