Lost Daughter af Elena Ferrante

Lost Daughter

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 4/2016
ISBN: 8483938883833
Sider: 223
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Lost Daughter af Elena Ferrante

Forlagets beskrivelse

Leda is a middle-aged divorce devoted to her work as an English teacher and to her two children. When her daughters leave home to be with their father in Canada Leda anticipates a period of loneliness and longing. Instead slightly embarrassed by the sensation she feels liberated as if her life has become lighter easier. She decides to take a holiday by the sea in a small coastal town in southern Italy. But after a few days of calm and quiet things begin to take a menacing turn. Leda encounters a family whose brash presence proves unsettling at times even threatening. When a small seemingly meaningless event occurs Leda is overwhelmed by memories of the difficult and unconventional choices she made as a mother and their consequences for herself and her family. The seemingly serene tale of a womans pleasant rediscovery of herself soon becomes the story of a ferocious confrontation with an unsettled past.Following the extraordinary success of The Days of Abandonment Elena Ferrantes new novel explores the conflicting emotions that tie us to our children. This candid fiction represents her most compelling and perceptive meditation on womanhood and motherhood thus far.

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