Bog paperback The Blazing World af Siri Hustvedt

The Blazing World

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 7/2015
ISBN: 5940004040400
Sider: 226
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Bog paperback The Blazing World af Siri Hustvedt

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Named one of the New York Times Book Review’s 100 Notable Books of the Year ** Publishers Weekly’s Best Fiction Books of 2014 ** NPR Best Books of 2014 ** Kirkus Reviews Best Literary Fiction Books of 2014 ** Washington Post Top 50 Fiction Books of 2014 ** Boston Globe’s Best Fiction of 2014 ** The Telegraph’s Best Fiction to Read 2014 ** St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Best Books of 2014 ** The Independent Fiction Books of the Year 2014 ** One of Buzzfeed’s Best Books Written by Women in 2014 ** San Francisco Chronicle’s Best of 2014 ** A Nancy Pearl Pick **’s Best of 2014 Fiction

Winner of the 2014 LA Times Book Prize for Fiction

Finalist for the 2014 Kirkus Prize

Hailed by The Washington Post as “Siri Hustvedt’s best novel yet an electrifying work” The Blazing World is a masterful novel about perception prejudice desire and one woman’s struggle to be seen.

In a new novel called “searingly fresh… A Nabokovian cat’s cradle” on the cover of The New York Times Book Review the internationally bestselling author tells the provocative story of artist Harriet Burden who after years of having her work ignored ignites an explosive scandal in New York’s art world when she recruits three young men to present her creations as their own. Yet when the shows succeed and Burden steps forward for her triumphant reveal she is betrayed by the third man Rune. Many critics side with him and Burden and Rune find themselves in a charged and dangerous game one that ends in his bizarre death.

An intricately conceived diabolical puzzle presented as a collection of texts including Harriet’s journals assembled after her death this “glorious mashup of storytelling and scholarship” (San Francisco Chronicle) unfolds from multiple perspectives as Harriet’s critics fans family and others offer their own conflicting opinions of where the truth lies. Writing in Slate Katie Roiphe declared it “a spectacularly good read…feminism in the tradition of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex or Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own: richly complex densely psychological dazzlingly nuanced.”

“Astonishing harrowing and utterly completely engrossing” (NPR) Hustvedt’s new novel is “Blazing indeed:…with agonizing compassion for all of wounded humanity”(Kirkus Reviews starred review). It is a masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.

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