Middle Way af Dalai Lama

Middle Way

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 11/2016
ISBN: 11234539009453
Sider: 203
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Middle Way af Dalai Lama

Forlagets beskrivelse

For nearly 2000 years Nagarjuna’s teachings have occupied a central position in Mahayana Buddhism. An essential part of the study and practice in the great Indian Buddhist monastic universities these teachings were later incorporated into the Tibetan monastic programs that modeled their curricula on their Indian predecessors. In The Middle Way the Dalai Lama offers a brief brilliant and complete presentation of the ultimate view of reality in the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. The teachings are about the Buddhist view yet the Dalai Lama presents them in a way that allows any interested reader to grasp this profound outlook on life. Like his many books on compassion The Middle Way is vitally important and universally applicable. With its release the Dalai Lama adds his wisdom teachings to the already established recognition of his incomparable compassion.

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