Bog paperback Dark Summit af Nick Heil John Mckinley

Dark Summit

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 12/2016
ISBN: 48483940493849
Sider: 206
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Bog paperback Dark Summit af Nick Heil John Mckinley

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“A dramatic story ably and convincingly told . . . A chilling look at the precarious line between success and tragedy.”?Kirkus Reviews

On May 15 2006 a young British climber named David Sharp lay dying near the top of Mount Everest while forty other climbers walked past him on their way to the summit. A week later Lincoln Hall a seasoned Australian climber was left for dead near the same spot. Hall’s death was reported around the world but the next day he was found alive after spending the night on the upper mountain with no food and no shelter.

If David Sharp’s death was shocking it was hardly singular: ten others died attempting to reach the summit that year. In this meticulous inquiry into what went wrong Nick Heil tells the full story of the deadliest year on Everest since the infamous season of 1996. As more climbers attempt the summit each year Heil shows how increasingly risky expeditions and unscrupulous outfitters threaten to turn Everest into a deadly circus.

Written by an experienced climber Dark Summit is both a riveting account of a notorious climbing season and a troubling investigation into whether the pursuit of the ultimate mountaineering prize has spiraled out of control.

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