Cesar's Rules af Cesar Millan

Cesar's Rules

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 6/2016
ISBN: 4394857339010
Sider: 211
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Cesar's Rules af Cesar Millan

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Your dog just doesn’t seem to listen. You’ve been through obedience training but he still can’t seem to master the most basic commands. And nothing you do seems to prevent him from misbehaving. ‘Clients usually come to me when their dogs are ruining their lives not when they won’t sit’ says Cesar. ‘But everywhere I go people are telling me they are confused about the wide variety of training options and theories out there and they feel paralysed because they don’t know which to choose.’Now in his usual straightforward confident manner Cesar takes on the topic of training for the first time by explaining the importance of balance as the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and your dog. In order to provide a variety of training options he calls upon some of the foremost experts in the field to offer their advice so that you can find the perfect approach that works for you and your dog through a variety of methods.Filled with practical advice anecdotes tips and trouble-shooting techniques from Cesar and his colleagues this is the ultimate guide to a well-behaved and well-balanced dog – from a new puppy to an old dog who can still learn new tricks.

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