Ghana Must Go af Taiye Selasi

Ghana Must Go

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 4/2016
ISBN: 3425885493990
Sider: 227
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Ghana Must Go af Taiye Selasi

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The unabridged downloadable audiobook edition of Taiye Selasi's Ghana Must Go read by the actress Adjoa Andoh.This is the story of a family — of the simple devastating ways in which families tear themselves apart and of the incredible lengths to which a family will go to put itself back together. It is the story of one family the Sais whose good life crumbles in an evening; a Ghanaian father Kwaku Sai who becomes a highly respected surgeon in the US only to be disillusioned by a grotesque injustice; his Nigerian wife Fola the beautiful homemaker abandoned in his wake; their eldest son Olu determined to reconstruct the life his father should have had; their twins seductive Taiwo and acclaimed artist Kehinde both brilliant but scarred and flailing; their youngest Sadie jealously in love with her beautiful college friend. All of them sent reeling on their disparate paths into the world. Until one day tragedy spins the Sais in a new direction.This is the story of a family: torn apart by lies reunited by grief. A family absolved ultimately by that bitter but most tenuous bond: familial love.Ghana Must Go interweaves the stories of the Sais in a rich and moving drama of separation and reunion spanning generations and cultures from West Africa to New England London New York and back again. It is a debut novel of blazing originality and startling power by a writer of extraordinary gifts.

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