On Looking af Alexandra Horowitz

On Looking

Sprog: Dansk

Publikationer: 7/2016
ISBN: 393049332323
Sider: 234
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On Looking af Alexandra Horowitz

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From the author of the #1 New York Times mega-bestseller Inside of a Dog comes an equally smart delightful and startling exploration of how we perceive our surroundings.You are missing at least eighty percent of what is happening around you right now. You are missing what is happening in your body in the distance and right in front of you. In reading these words you are ignoring an unthinkably large amount of information that continues to bombard all of your senses. The hum of the fluorescent lights; the ambient noise in the room; the feeling of the chair against your legs or back; your tongue touching the roof of your mouth; the tension you are holding in your shoulders or jaw; the constant hum of traffic or a distant lawnmower; the blurred view of your own shoulders and torso in your peripheral vision; a chirp of a bug or whine of a kitchen appliance. Hidden in Plain Sight begins with inattention. It is not meant to help you focus on your reading of Tolstoy; it is not about how to multitask. It is not about how to avoid falling asleep at a lecture or during your grandfathers tales of boyhood misadventures. Rather it is about attending to the joys of the unattended the perceived ordinary. Horowitz encourages us to rediscover the extraordinary things that we are missing in our ordinary activities. Even when engaged in the simplest of activitiestaking a walk around the blockwe pay so little attention to most of what is right before us that we are sleepwalkers in our own lives. So turn off the phone and portable electronics and get into the real world where youll find there are worlds within worlds within worlds.

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